Diane Fromme’s Stepparenting the Grieving Child is an illuminating guidebook for stepparents exploring life with a child whose parent has died.  Whether the child has experienced the loss of a mother or father, the death of a parent has a permanent effect on a child’s development.  When you mix the grieving experience with stepfamily dynamics, you stir up emotional turmoil that no family member expects.

Stepparenting the Grieving Child shares with stepparents how the author and other stepparents have navigated this complex and unfamiliar territory. The goal? To help children and families heal and ultimately thrive. This guidebook encourages stepparents first to take care of themselves, next to understand their child’s grieving, and finally to learn ways to enjoy daily living. Readers gain insight and ideas from stepparent stories, expert recommendations, and the author’s 20+ years of personal experience as the stepmom of two grieving children.

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